Edito F1 – The choice, is another…

« My sponsor is my experience. » Said Pedro de la Rosa last Wednesday after admitting his failure to the team Campos Meta 1. The Spaniard is now back at McLaren as test driver.
The phrase is a phrase that many drivers could get used to a Formula 1 for 2010. Jarno Trulli, Jacques Villeneuve, Giancarlo Fisichella, etc. … the list goes on. But experience does not sponsor, and some teams want younger drivers, provide a good bank account. These special benefits, or the number of dollars is stronger than experience, is in the tradition of Formula 1

When all goes well, drivers adapt themselves, denounced the benefits, while trying to obtain for himself. But when the driver is unemployed, the situation becomes unbearable.

So what? Take a young driver with 8 million dollars or take an experienced pilot, you will, perhaps, to have sponsors and to score championship points for the TV rights FOA / FOM? The answer is in the instantaneous and not in view.
But, as often happens in Formula 1, there is no real logical sport. Only one logical economy.

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  1. isa dit :

    Only one logical economy… 😥

  2. Stands-up dit :

    It Could seem sad that such great competitors Will remain steer less but on the other hand, why Should an entry team Will offer a second or third chance to mature impecunious pilots ? As newcomers they better have to focus on novelty and everybody knows that comebacks are less glamorous than youngsters’ attempts. When, in formula one, you deadly need an experimented driver, you just mean experimented in sponsor chase !

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