Edito : The phenomenon Raikkonen

A flood of reports, tributes, but a regret. Regret to see Formula One lost one of its biggest champions. A media champion at odds with his character Iceman. Well, to summarize the week’s media Kimi Raikkonen since announcing his signing with Team WRC Citroen.

A loss to F1 and a gain for the WRC and especially for Citroen and Red Bull, who inherits a media champion and a good image. Save Raikkonen, rejected by Formula One, because a large salary. McLaren was his only option for 2010. Mercedes GP was not an option. Steve Robertson has been the circumstances, instead of having advance.

However, Raikkonen is a great man, besides being a pilot. He is not afraid to go to a new discipline, only envy and likely to motivate.

Certainly, it will be paid 44 million euros by Ferrari and receive money as with Citroen in 2010. But no time for regret but respect. Fans of Formula 1 Raikkonen regret, but the F1 does not end with his departure. A return is probable for 2011, so it’s just a « goodbye » then.

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  1. Stands-up dit :

    Kimi is switching from boring F1 to funny WRC. He’ll meet nice people real fans and good spirit instead of what you know. It’s like a change from football to rugby, far better in any ways. 😀

  2. kimiferrari dit :

    is it british humour ?

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