Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari contract

The passion that surrounds the contractual terms of Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari is the result of deliberate. This season the 2007 world champion receives a salary of € 22 million in the BusinessBookGP2014 (see here), the equivalent of his teammate Fernando Alonso. Giving the image of equality. Except that the next season of the Finnish contract is more complex.

First, Kimi Raikkonen has signed for two years (2014, 2015), but a particular option led to the following condition: Starting a specified time (estimated at 31 July), if Ferrari is not included in the three first in the constructors’ championship, the driver could leave or redefine his contract. A set of options that salary Kimi Raikkonen is already set at €30 million for season 2015.

Indeed, Luca di Montezemolo made his calculations and includes in its perspective to attract and reassure the hiring Kimi Raikkonen is an expensive investment. If Ferrari finished 4th in the championship, the prospect of a salary to the lower world champion 2007 in favor of the Italian team (in case no outside alternative is given to the driver). Otherwise not.

Remains the most delicate part of the contract. The status of Kimi Raikkonen. As the last world champion Ferrari he wished technical equality, essential in his view, is respected. At the same time, to balance the sensitivities, Montezemolo has provided a strategic advantage to Fernando Alonso in 2014. Next year the Finnish contractually want full equality of treatment with its crew, not wanting to get into the Italian game interview he had in the past.

What transforms President Luca di Montezemolo magician. His strategy has always been the same for two decades. It uses the time of contract renewal to establish a precarious balance that desire for the Scuderia. Except that the contract situation of Kimi Raikkonen (and renewal of Fernando Alonso) will impose a different management.

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