Edito : New Teams 2011 – what's up doc ?

bugsThis is the final straight. In a few days it will be possible to file his candidacy to become the 13th team in Formula 1 in 2011. But there are not many people.

After the twister last year, with communication plans accomplished, this year’s slogan is: discretion. Too much can be. For now, only Epsilon Euskadi and Durango announced plans in 2011. Even if the latter is criticized and financially obscure.

Prodrive studied, but covers the purchase of a team and not a project 100% new. LOLA remains discreet, despite a contract in 2011 with Cosworth. Superfund has said no. USF1 and Stefan GP projects are dead. In short, there remain only ruins a year later.

What’s up  doc ? Nothing, just that eventually the project seriously, after the episodes USF1 and Stefan GP, are rarer estimated by the FIA. Probably. At the point of wondering whether it was reasonable to make this new tender.

Finding sad. There are still no plans for French team. A sad fate, once again …

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  1. EstebanF1 dit :

    Y a pas de candidat français et pourquoi pas Ligier 😉 il a bien pris des parts du circuit de Magny Court… oui je sais je divague 😳

  2. Nagita dit :

    Lola devrait s’associer à prodrive! l’expérience des deux structures permettrait de créer une équipe solide! Les deux sont déjà associer en endurance, et après le retour de Lotus, une équipe Lola-Aston Martin! ça aurait de la gueule!

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