Edito : The "hell" of manufacturers in F1

Choice: A Swiss-based team of around 115 million dollars or equivalent for a majority stake in a team based in Enstone. Or plans for a modern and competitive car designed by engineers based in Cologne. The choice for new investors in Formula 1 is large enough.

The manufacturers are selling at a loss. Sauber did not make the same deal that QADBAK with BMW, and took his team for much less. Renault has not done better than the German manufacturer recently with Genii Capital, but remains present in the team (25%) and its decisions. Toyota will sell for $ 7 million, the plans of his TF110, to the team Stefan GP. Remember that Honda had sold his team to a symbolic $ 1, but with a check for more than 40 million dollars. In short there are always solutions for buyers.

The return of Independent Formula 1, after the era of manufacturers desired by Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley, is a pleasure. But there will be a time of adjustment after 10 years of budget crazy to return to the realities of 90 years, with smaller teams and clever. The return of Lotus, the new independence of McLaren Racing and Virgin etc. …
Deeply 2010.

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