1954- 2014 the same story ?

« We say we are the rules taking into account the evolution of technology. What is the pinnacle of motorsport ? This is Formula 1. So Formula 1 must take into account the evolution of the industry , otherwise it will not stay on top of motorsport. « Indicated there one week Jean Todt in The Telegraph. The same reasons dictated the rule change in 1954.

1951, the Federation announced the rule change for 1954 with the introduction of the 2.5L engine A fragile situation , as Alfa Romeo did not want to develop a new car and announced its withdrawal in 1952 . The English were in arrears with their car at the time. Mercedes- Benz wanted regulatory changes quickly and were only Ferrari with its V12 4.5 L. This explains why in 1952 and 1953 2L F2 were the new Formula 1. And enter into force new regulations in 1954. The latter was chosen, not in the intention of reducing the speeds of Grand Prix cars , as was the case in the past , but to encourage research aspirated engines . The objective was intended to better serve the engineers to produce cars of mass, instead of developing compressor engines that were far from the reality of the moment.

The same choice was made for the Formula 1 2014. Honda communicates the efficient aspect of its future engine. Mercedes- Benz uses engineers developing hybrid products of mass to solve the technical problem of the F1 engine.

1954 regulations remained in force until 1960 and this was the basis of a major change in Formula 1. Indeed, there has been significant advances in engine performance (first time 100cv/litre were crossed) . Mercedes- Benz , BRM , Lancia , Bugatti, Vanvall , Ferrari, Maserati , Lotus, Cooper, Aston Martin etc … we tried the formula at the time. Especially in the last three years Cooper has revolutionized the design of F1 with the rear central engine and the redefinition of the status of manufacturer, forever.

Jean Todt said he wanted the engine Power Unit should remain in place until 2020. Hopefully when this new regulation suggests the future with a new major change in Formula 1. Towards a new design?

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