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The case of sponsor Marlboro – Ferrari gaining importance. At that point the team was forced to issue a statement Friday. Demonstrating his right. But one question: why Marlboro is still sponsoring?

The answer is simple: to enter the minds of people. For it seems that the memory of fans of Formula 1 is the long term. Everyone remembers Camel, Gauloises and even of the Benson & Hedge (via Buzzz Jordan), not to mention JPS and Lotus.

Raymond Loewy, who designed in 1942, the package of Lucky Strike, had understood he needed a logo to recognize a brand. But the evolution is there marketing: product, a logo and now a history.

Except that the mark display is prohibited, as the logo. It is more than history. The story of a bar code which caused a scandal. If some did not know that Marlboro was behind this symbol, done. And the websites will recall that the brand is present since 1972 in Formula 1. Youtube broadcast images of Ayrton Senna in a McLaren red and white. Brief history is running. To the delight of the brand.

What is sponsor Ferrari Marlboro is not a problem, the problem is to know that Marlboro is sponsoring Ferrari with a barcode. A good buzz, amid controversy, which has been fully exploited for two days.

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