Renault / Infiniti – Mercedes ? Reflection of Red Bull

Remember the ultimatum of Red Bull boss at Renault, dated from March and was two months . Without any changes, the Austrian brand considering its interests first. Knowing that a break with Renault F1 Team would cost approximately € 50 million. Note that Helmut Marko was not hiding in Spain that the delay by Renault will not be filled for several years.

The first motor track is Mercedes-Benz. Discussions took place between Mateschitz and Lauda. Person between good companies. Austrian German brand is not against the idea (to replace McLaren on the board ). But come to a halt CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche , who explained that it will provide its engines when Red Bull manufacture cars. Curious statement , given that Force India has no intention to get into the car. This statement could be brittle finally ironic to disturb the game, so as not to offend the French.

Red Bull Racing the problem is twofold. The deal signed between Renault and Lotus earlier this year has not really appreciated by the Austrians. The other problem is called Infiniti. The Japanese car manufacturer has rejected the proposed deal with Red Bull Racing. The latter was to invest more money in both the team and to Renault Sport F1. A solution of early termination is in the air, allowing to obtain the turbocharged Mercedes in 2015. This break with Infiniti , Red Bull will cost about 40 million euros.

In total, the 2014 season of Red Bull Racing could cost about 100 million euros to get the Mercedes-Benz engine in 2015. Austrian brand has the means. Especially if it keeps Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel until 2017 and become competitive quickly.

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