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Téléchargement gratuit – Guide F1 2015 !

Le Championnat 2015 s’annonce. Comme chaque année, vous recherchez le guide de la saison à venir qui vous permettra de découvrir les équipes, les pilotes ou encore les nouveautés qui accompagneront ce calendrier de 20 Grands Prix…

Diffusé à plus de 15.000 exemplaires chaque saison depuis 2011, il était temps que le « Guide F1″ évolue ! Cette version 2015 est donc plus épurée, plus travaillée et surtout plus informative. De nouvelles rubriques voient ainsi le jour : Les changements lors de ce Championnat 2015, un article présentant le contexte politique de la discipline, le calendrier indiquant les horaires des Grands Prix, un tableau vous permettant de découvrir en une page les comptes Facebook et Twitter des 20 pilotes titulaires. Sans oublier les traditionnelles fiches vous présentant les pilotes titulaires ainsi que les équipes (avec les particularités des monoplaces et le moteur propulsant ces nouvelles voitures de course).

Championnat F1 : Guide 2015...

Les changements en 2015 ? Le retour du motoriste Honda dans le Championnat F1. Ajoutons également, l’arrivée dans le calendrier du Grand Prix du Mexique à Mexico (prévu au mois de novembre). Côté transferts, Fernando Alonso retrouve l’équipe McLaren, Max Verstappen et Carlos Sainz Jr composeront le nouveau line-up de la Scuderia Toro Rosso. Enfin, quelques petits nouveaux débuteront en Formule 1 : Felipe Nasr (Sauber F1 Team), Will Stevens (Manor F1 Team), Roberto Merhi (Manor F1 Team) et Carmen Jorda (pilote de développement Lotus F1 Team). Ces multiples ingrédients devraient rendre la saison encore plus intéressante…

En attendant, vous pouvez découvrir la saison 2015 grâce aux et qui vous proposent gratuitement ce « Guide F1 2015″.

Nous vous invitons librement à cliquer sur la photo ci-dessus ou sur ce lien pour découvrir « Le Guide F1 2015… » et vous souhaitent une excellente saison 2015 !

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View – Teams attempt to reduce the power of the FOM and Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone[] For several weeks, the teams speech on the future of Formula 1 are a new destiny: Prevent Bernie Ecclestone to continue his adventure, reducing its power.

When Toto Wolff, leader on this issue, indicates the need to reduce the price of tickets for the Grand Prix. The boss of Mercedes AMG F1 pushes the door open. The statement came during the German Grand Prix on the Hockenheimring, partly funded by the German manufacturer. Wolff made a media announcement effect of giving evidence, to obtain the support of fans. Fans who must be the basis of the new paradigm of Formula 1.

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View – When Hamilton and Alonso claimed Senna

Senna Monaco 1993

Twenty years after his death, Ayrton Senna remains the model of two drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. One and the other seeking three championships pilot world. A quest worthy of the absolute.

When, last year Sebastian Vettel won his fourth world title in a row, the temptation to see the German pilot target the championship record of Michael Schumacher (7 titles) has crossed their minds. The Red Bull driver has also not hidden his desire would be to match (not to exceed) Schumacher.

But for Lewis Hamilton, currently leading the drivers world championship in 2014, the goal is to get only three titles. On the TV channel Sky Sports F1, Hamilton admitted that his ambition would be to get as many titles as world champion Ayrton Senna, before the end of his career.

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View – The new Bernie Ecclestone order in F1

Bernie Ecclestone-

The economic crisis becomes a crisis of competitiveness for most teams. An opportunity to place a new piece in the vast game of the future taking shape before our eyes. Out with the principle of « constructor » set up there 20 years.

Monza meeting between Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt and team leaders is only part of a game whose aim is broader: Out with the definition established in 1992 the principle of « constructor « . A set which is now the cause of the weakening of F1.

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Caterham F1 et Genii Capital ?

Caterham F1 Lotus F1

Selon le journaliste Adam Cooper, un consortium suisse ayant un lien avec le Moyen-Orient serait confirmé dans les prochains jours, comme nouveau propriétaire de Caterham F1. Nous entendons que ce pool d’investisseurs auraient un lien avec Genii Capital Genève.

La filiale Suisse du groupe luxembourgeois est spécialisée dans les énergies et ressources naturelles. Un lien existe. Souvenir que l’an dernier la société basée à Abu Dhabi, Al Manhal International, faisait partie du consortium piloté par Mansoor Ijaz dans le projet Infiniti/Quantum pour l’achat de 35% de Lotus F1 Team. Exit l’homme d’affaire pakistanais. Il semblerait que l’entreprise luxembourgeoise soit restée en contacte avec un des actionnaires du programme Quantum : Suhail Al Dhaheri, Chairman de Al Manhal International.


According to journalist Adam Cooper, a Swiss consortium that link with the Middle East would be confirmed in the coming days, as the new owner of Caterham F1. We believe that this pool of investors have a link with Genii Capital Geneva.

The Swiss subsidiary of the Luxembourg group specializing in energy and natural resources. A link exists. Remember that last year the company based in Abu Dhabi, Al Manhal International, was part of the consortium led by Mansoor Ijaz in the Infiniti / Quantum project to purchase 35% of Lotus F1 Team. Exit the businessman and it seems that the Luxembourg company remained in contact with one of the shareholders of the Quantum program Suhail Al Dhaheri, Chairman of Al Manhal International.

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Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari contract

The passion that surrounds the contractual terms of Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari is the result of deliberate. This season the 2007 world champion receives a salary of € 22 million in the BusinessBookGP2014 (see here), the equivalent of his teammate Fernando Alonso. Giving the image of equality. Except that the next season of the Finnish contract is more complex.

First, Kimi Raikkonen has signed for two years (2014, 2015), but a particular option led to the following condition: Starting a specified time (estimated at 31 July), if Ferrari is not included in the three first in the constructors’ championship, the driver could leave or redefine his contract. A set of options that salary Kimi Raikkonen is already set at €30 million for season 2015.

Indeed, Luca di Montezemolo made his calculations and includes in its perspective to attract and reassure the hiring Kimi Raikkonen is an expensive investment. If Ferrari finished 4th in the championship, the prospect of a salary to the lower world champion 2007 in favor of the Italian team (in case no outside alternative is given to the driver). Otherwise not.

Remains the most delicate part of the contract. The status of Kimi Raikkonen. As the last world champion Ferrari he wished technical equality, essential in his view, is respected. At the same time, to balance the sensitivities, Montezemolo has provided a strategic advantage to Fernando Alonso in 2014. Next year the Finnish contractually want full equality of treatment with its crew, not wanting to get into the Italian game interview he had in the past.

What transforms President Luca di Montezemolo magician. His strategy has always been the same for two decades. It uses the time of contract renewal to establish a precarious balance that desire for the Scuderia. Except that the contract situation of Kimi Raikkonen (and renewal of Fernando Alonso) will impose a different management.

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Renault / Infiniti – Mercedes ? Reflection of Red Bull

Remember the ultimatum of Red Bull boss at Renault, dated from March and was two months . Without any changes, the Austrian brand considering its interests first. Knowing that a break with Renault F1 Team would cost approximately € 50 million. Note that Helmut Marko was not hiding in Spain that the delay by Renault will not be filled for several years.

The first motor track is Mercedes-Benz. Discussions took place between Mateschitz and Lauda. Person between good companies. Austrian German brand is not against the idea (to replace McLaren on the board ). But come to a halt CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche , who explained that it will provide its engines when Red Bull manufacture cars. Curious statement , given that Force India has no intention to get into the car. This statement could be brittle finally ironic to disturb the game, so as not to offend the French.

Red Bull Racing the problem is twofold. The deal signed between Renault and Lotus earlier this year has not really appreciated by the Austrians. The other problem is called Infiniti. The Japanese car manufacturer has rejected the proposed deal with Red Bull Racing. The latter was to invest more money in both the team and to Renault Sport F1. A solution of early termination is in the air, allowing to obtain the turbocharged Mercedes in 2015. This break with Infiniti , Red Bull will cost about 40 million euros.

In total, the 2014 season of Red Bull Racing could cost about 100 million euros to get the Mercedes-Benz engine in 2015. Austrian brand has the means. Especially if it keeps Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel until 2017 and become competitive quickly.

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