F1 – Deception Point

30%, this is the TV audience of the Grand Prix of Bahrain by Bloomberg. In Germany the TV audience has increased by 100%, with the return of Michael Schumacher. But the first race disappointed. Too much waiting.

No, 2010 is not the season of the century. Already in 1999, 4 World Champions were present at the Grand Prix: Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), Jacques Villeneuve (BAR), Mika Hakkinen (McLaren) and Damon Hill (Jordan). Yet, at the time, nobody talked about season of the century.

Why 2010 is she different? For the return of Schumacher? Probably.
The return of Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, is a symbol. After Spygate 2007 and SingapourGate 2008/2009 too many cases have done much harm to the image of Formula 1. Bernie Ecclestone said that Formula 1 is not in crisis, but it is the case: In times of economic crisis, when the marketing of nostalgia convene the recurring memories of the golden ages, this universe are positive meet. An example?

Michael Schumacher driver for Mercedes (a German brand) 20 years after his debut in Formula 1, with the help of the brand. Fernando Alonso, Ferrari driver, Schumacher’s remake in 1996 for the image: the best driver in the moment with Rossa. Finally the duo Hamilton – Button at McLaren is compared to Clark – Hill in 1967. A page turns, back to the memory for the future.

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  1. isa dit :

    yes it is…

  2. Kekemaniak dit :

    Intéressant ce point de vue de Dan Brawn… Je cours acheter son bouquin. 😈

  3. Mike du 94 dit :

    Senna aurait eu 50 ans aujourd’hui. RIP

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