Trouble in Lotus F1 Team

Andrew Ruhan , Director of Lotus F1 Team and partner of Genii Capital wishes to apply his vision in Enstone walls. Interference that disrupts the order side of the Duchy of Luxembourg where the influence of the street Peternelchen seat of Genii Capital, begins to waver .
January 23, 2014, the paper is signed by Gerard Lopez and Eric Lux as manager of the company Gravity Motorsport GmbH (a subsidiary of Genii Capital) is very clear. It allows the firm to board JAG Shaw Baker lawyer to find an investor through a six-month term . The goal is to sell 9 % stake in Lotus F1 team for € 8.2 million and gradually ensure the future of the team, after the failure of talks with the consortium Quantum Motorsport Ltd obscure . However , Andrew Ruhan who claims to want to hear that there is no substantial agreement between the lawyer founded in June 2013 and Lotus F1 Team firm. Even stated that Quantum is always an option , but different. Mansoor Ijaz Ruhan support to assist in its search for investors for the team. Except that at this game , everyone has their weapons.
Genii Capital progressively wishes to transfer the equivalent of 30 or 40 % stake in Lotus F1 Team ( 60.7 million pounds ), three or four investors in order to keep control of the property , but also spread to several investment becoming impossible for a single owner . A warrant issued last month to the law firm , as well as deal with the owners of Russia’s Yota on the same economic basis , are signs of this strategy Luxembourg shareholders . On the other side of the face Enstone , the Andrew Ruhan control is becoming increasingly important , since his arrival in the galaxy of the team in April 2013 . Its stake to 2% cover a larger investment . The businessman ( specializing in real estate ) and friend of businessman Gerard Lopez has agreed to guarantee an investment of 75 million euros for Lotus F1 Team in exchange for a promise to get a refund ( with interest) at the end of the deal with Quantum. An investment he intends to recover by the end of the season 2014, more information we have collected. Departures Patrick Louis and Eric Boullier gave more influence to Ruhan in Enstone walls , placing a man of his entourage, Matthew Carter , CEO of Lotus F1 Team. Today , Andrew Ruhan has the real control of the team , while Genii Capital has a majority stake and intends to implement its plan for the future.
A very simple level, the objective is to reduce the budget team 24% from 2014 to downsize to 450 employees. The goal is simple: Become profitable and increase the economic value of the team from 25 to 30% for the next sale. Simplistic.
The future of Enstone play today. In the midst of this power struggle between Genii Capital and Andrew Ruhan that many victims …
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